Some of my earliest memories as a child involve books (in fact, most of my childhood memories involved books). Along with that are memories of my mom tearing into my room because she’d shouted for me twenty times already and I never responded.  🙂  I would start a book and get so absorbed into it that I’d lose track of the rest of the world. As I grew older that love continued, as did my ability to completely lose myself in a story.

I decided pretty early on that I wanted to work in a library where I could be continually surrounded by the smell of my favorite books. Soon after that I realized I was too loud to work in a library, so I ended up in a bookstore instead.  I got to spend every day with my books and even better, I got to share them with others!  It was there that I found a new love and a new challenge: reviewing books.

There’s something special about trying to review a book.  If you love it, how can you effectively boil it down to something powerful enough to catch a reader but short enough to keep them wondering?  If you don’t like it, can you explain why and, more importantly, can you understand who might enjoy it instead?  I loved the relationships I built with my customers as they came back for the next recommendation.  I loved the challenge of finding something that fit them no matter their interests.  Let’s face it, I love books!

Reading is still my all time favorite hobby, even though I really don’t get much time to do it anymore.  I wanted to take the time to share some of my favorite books with you guys, to pass along the joy I felt.  As a warning, I tend to read just about anything, so as I post more, we’ll probably end up with lots of different types of books.  Read the ones that sound interesting to you, skip the ones that aren’t, and let me know what you like!