What I Do and Why

We all have to have a hobby, I suppose!  For me, it’s writing.  Oh, and reading.  And some knitting, and crocheting, and beaded flowers, and watercolor, and…. well, okay.  I have a lot of hobbies. Over the years, I’ve turned learning new things into an art form.  Bipolar 2 is lucky in that it doesn’t present with full fledged manic episodes, but the hypomania is intense.  When I get the bug, it bites hard, and I’m off learning or doing something new.

How do you think this blog got it’s start, after all?

Truth is, I’ve always had an underlying need to create, teach, and learn.  The end result is a habit of constantly seeking new skills, some of them more useful than others (and admittedly, most are less useful than I’d hope).  I mean, scarves are good for the winters out here, but man, it would be nice if the mania pointed me to learning a bit more about plumbing, or tiling, or just about anything that would help fix up our old house!

Still, I try.

For now, the plan is to create a space to share the random things I’ve picked up along the way.  I want to share books, crafts, stories, and anything else that comes to mind. More than just a “mommy” blog though, I want to create a safe space, as well.  A space to share some of the realities of life with mental illnesses, and in particular, being a parent with mental illnesses.  Sometimes it’s cuddles and love, but not always.  As a new mom, I spent the first two years of parenthood just trying to learn to love the weird creature I’d created.  How might things have been different if I’d met others who struggled as I did?  I don’t know.