The Importance of Family Traditions

We’re all going to be too busy tomorrow to have any chance of reading a blog post, so I’m jumping ahead a little and posting today! First off, I really hope tomorrow turns out to be an amazing day for you! Usually, we would spend the day getting ready for a massive meal with friends in the area, but this year everyone’s off to see family.  What that means is we’re actually going out to eat with Morgan’s family.  No cooking for us! And no leftovers!

Yeah, I’m excited. 🙂

You know what else? I think this is a great time to talk about the importance of family traditions. So, here we go!

Traditions are what we remember

family at the pumpkin patchLet’s start with my favorite reason family traditions are important. They are what we remember! I don’t know about you, but those traditions are what stuck in my mind from my childhood. They’re the bright points when things really sucked, because no matter where we were, we still did our best to keep hold of them.

Traditions are an important way to build strong bonds and memories with our children (honestly, with everyone in our family). I can guarantee, as silly as it may seem, that morning tradition of tickling them awake will stick with them, even after they outgrow it. The weekly tradition of going to see the grandparents will, too. They might grumble and moan, but as they get older, those times will become precious. Let’s face it, traditions stick in our minds.

Traditions give us a sense of belonging

The other key part of building traditions is that they make us feel like we belong. Knowing that on Saturday Dad is going to make pancakes tells us we are loved and cared for. Having a Christmas stocking on the mantle tells us we’re part of the family. Making the mashed potatoes shows us we are part of something bigger.

Being a part of family traditions tells us we are family. Knowing you’re part of a family, unsurprisingly, is very important for a person’s mental health.

Traditions connect us to our history

grandpa and grandkid at beachThis isn’t the case for everyone, but family traditions are an important part of our history. Some traditions we build on our own, but others can date back through generations. In the midwest, you might find a tradition of lefse at Christmas. Maybe Grandma used to make it every year and for you, Christmas just isn’t right without it. Or maybe your unintentional family tradition is being stuck politely listening to yet another tale of Grandpa’s youth.

Whatever it is, those traditions connect you to your history.  The history of your family, your culture, or even something like your hometown.

The Importance of Family Traditions

Let’s face it, tradition binds us together.  Whether it’s about remembrance, a sense of belonging, or your own history, it’s an important part of who you are.

So keep that in mind the next time Grandpa traps you in a corner to tell you about his weird Aunt’s habit of trapping him in a corner to force him to listen to some other obscure relative’s history. This is your history, too. One day, Grandpa will be gone and you won’t be able to ask him questions about where he came from. I can guarantee you won’t forget or regret those moments.

And with that, have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Remember and cherish your traditions, no matter how big or small.  They are part of who you are!



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