August Goals – Made It!

Well, August started strong and then kinda crept out the door when I wasn’t looking. So, I guess that means it’s time to look at my August goals and see just how I did! Let’s be honest, I started really strong, but the last two weeks have been a wash for me.  There are totally reasons (which I’ll probably write about later), but the ultimate point is that I didn’t do quite as much I might have hoped for the end of August.  Still, I did something.  So! Let’s review!

August’s Goal Review

I was crazy ambitious this month. Look at me, working on two goals at once! Yeah…Not sure that was a good idea, but hey, I really wanted to change. Time to be pro-active and prepared, right?  This blog is important to me, so I want to actually make it happen. Here were my goals:

Goal #1: Schedule one month of “Moment of” posts. We’re talking both the Moment of Joy and Moment of Struggle. All month. To be fair, it’s really about half an hour’s worth of work (if I’m distracted watching TV while I’m doing it…).

Goal #2: Write up 2 “emergency” posts. Let’s be honest, my emotional state doesn’t always make me super reliable when it comes to putting out blog posts.  My hope with this one was to create a couple “backup” posts that could be pushed out if I’m having a bad day (or week, or two weeks). In theory, it’s a fantastic idea that would let you guys have fun stuff to read and give me a chance to be miserable (like ya do, ya know?).

How did I do?

Well, here’s the funny thing.  As I said before, I completely bombed out for the last two weeks of the month and looking at those two goals, well, it’s a bit much. I had to schedule posts (which, if you follow along in the facebook group, you’ll see I totally nailed that one on day 2), and I had to write two whole posts outside of my normal posting schedule. It’s kinda funny actually…I had the goal to create backup posts just in case I completely wipe out, and guess what…

I did it!

But I didn’t post them.  Yeah… oops? My plan ahead plan had a slightly fatal flaw.  How do you find the oomph to actually schedule the posts when opening your laptop is physically too much? Apparently, I don’t. I’ll have to figure that part out.

Either way, I took a leap and it paid off, even with the end of the month falling apart. Can we say proud?  Well, I can.  And I AM!

Looking Ahead to September’s Goal

Now for the tricky part – setting the new goal.  Looking at the last couple weeks and my own emotional state lately, I’m gonna put this month’s goal a little more inward. This month I’m gonna focus on making time for me.  Quiet time, down time, and hobby time as I can handle it.  Work is insane, so I need to really push the self-care at the end of the day.

The other aspect of this inward self care is my job hunt.  I already need to find a new job (let’s be honest, the Dr. really wants me to, too), but that means putting a bit more effort into getting that stuff going.  So I suppose a secondary goal is going to be to try to submit at least one application a week.  Side note: That’s totally a stretch goal. I’m going to keep applying, but when I’m in that state it’s really hard to push through and write a cover letter.

Okay, your turn!

Let’s build each other up here.  No matter how big or small, let us know what your goal is for the month!  Remember, last month I was just pushing to brush my teeth four days in a row (which, by the way, I didn’t quite get.  Three days, but then I missed a few…. yay, depression). So, share and support!  We can do this!

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